The 8 Best Glucometers of 2024

Never wonder what your blood sugar is again with these top picks.

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The 8 Best Glucometers of 2024

Tracking blood sugar levels is essential to managing diabetes and may be useful if you’re concerned about your metabolism or energy levels. Glucometers are accurate, easy-to-use machines that can help you stay on top of your blood sugar levels. You can see your blood sugar result in real time by applying a small dot of blood from your fingertip onto a test strip and inserting it into these portable meters. If you have diabetes or another blood sugar concern, checking your blood sugar consistently helps you identify patterns that may trigger spikes or dips in your blood sugar, treat low blood sugar, and manage dangerous blood sugar levels. Note that these are not to be confused with a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, which monitors your blood sugar continuously all day from a meter worn on top of the skin. 

To bring you the best glucometers on the market, we evaluated 16 products for accuracy, ease of use, ease of setup, data display, portability, and overall value. You may have special considerations or personal needs, such as large display fonts, insurance coverage limitations, or voice guidance. After personally testing a variety of products, here are our expert-backed, top products.

Can draw blood from places other than the fingertip

Result Speed: 4 seconds | Storage Capacity: 300 readings | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 100 ultra-thin tri-bevel tip lancets, lancing device, 200 test strips, logbook, control solution, and carrying case

This blood sugar meter is simple and straightforward to use, requiring minimal setup. With fast results presented in less than three seconds, we loved that it has a clear display that immediately shows your blood sugar. This meter is small, portable, and comes with a carrying case. One of our favorite features is this meter's unique ability to allow for multiple blood applications on the same test strip (if you don't get enough blood for an accurate read on the first draw) ultimately avoiding waste and saving precious glucose testing strips. This product is generally affordable and great for folks who are not super tech-savvy.

We did not experience much pain while testing this product and, when you’re poking your fingers multiple times a day, this is a huge win in our book. For folks who are sensitive to finger pricks, we love that you can use this meter’s lancing device to draw blood from other places like the palm or the forearm.

If you’re looking for something more technologically advanced that provides detailed tracking and app syncing, this one may not be the best fit for you.

Can draw blood from places other than the fingertip

Voice guidance for vision impaired

Result Speed: 7 seconds | Storage Capacity: 450 tests | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 100 test strips, lancing device, 28-gauge lancets

This blood sugar meter was a close second to our best overall, thanks to the fact that it comes ready to use, straight out of the box. With voice guidance in multiple languages, this meter is accessible to folks with vision limitations. The blood sugar display is clear and easy to read. Storing 450 blood sugar readings, this option lets you keep track of long-term data.

This meter is excellent for alternate site testing as it can also be used to draw blood from the forearms, upper arm, thighs, calves, and palms in addition to fingertips. 

It’s slightly larger and heavier than other models, making this meter less portable than other options on the market. Overall, we loved the value and additional features in this kit.

Result Speed: 5 seconds | Storage Capacity: 1,000 readings | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 100 test strips, 1 lancing device, 100 lancets, control solution, traveling case

This testing kit comes with everything you need included right out of the box. With clear, easy-to-read display numbers, you will get your reading back in less than five seconds and be able to interpret it quickly. This meter kit is lightweight and portable and comes with a carrying case for travel. It’s affordable, simple to use, and makes a great budget option.

Great for folks who are newly diagnosed or have never checked their blood sugar before, this no-nonsense kit has everything you need without the bells and whistles.

We found the instructions a little confusing at first as the illustrations and written descriptions are in separate manuals. However, once we got the hang of it, this option was very easy to use.

Pre- and post-meal testing reminders

Result Speed: 5 seconds | Storage Capacity: 480 results | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 10 test strips, control solution, user guide, quick reference guide, lancing device, 10 lancets, logbook, carrying case

This blood sugar monitoring system comes at a great price for its value. We found that the straightforward setup process made it easy to begin testing our blood sugar right away. The simple user interface displays your blood sugar within just five seconds, and its readings were consistently accurate in our tests. And, with 480 readings stored in the meter’s memory, we love that you can refer back to your logs for months. Ascensia’s blood sugar meter also generates a 14-day average blood sugar reading to help you predict trends over time and show progress.

This meter also comes with an advanced mode that allows you to set reminders for pre- and post-meal testing and a logbook to record your readings. We felt that this glucometer required very little blood on the strip to demonstrate a reading, meaning a serious poke to the fingertip was not necessary.

While the display was easy enough for us to read, we feel that a backlight would have elevated the user experience and improved readability in low light.

Result Speed: 7 seconds | Storage Capacity: 450 tests | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 100 testing strips, 100 lancets

We appreciate the simplicity of this meter. It shows you exactly what you need to know—nothing more, nothing less—in large text on an even larger display. We especially loved the backlight feature, which makes the grayscale screen easy to read, even in low light.

Although this product is a bit large to carry around in your pocket, we like that it comes with a compact carrying case, increasing its portability. Overall, the accessible price and easy user experience won us over. You can also download your readings from the meter to your computer via a USB cord, allowing you to track your blood sugar over time

When testing, we noticed that it would’ve been nice to organize blood sugars into profiles or categories on this meter. Even though that feature is available, we loved the product overall for its simplicity.

Lancet design could be better

Result Speed: 4 seconds | Storage Capacity: 720 readings plus 32 control readings | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 10 lancets, user manual, carrying case, warranty, rebate card

There was virtually no setup required for this meter, and it’s quite small and portable compared to other models we tested. It can fit easily into a bag or roomy coat pocket and comes with a carrying case to prevent stray button-pushing, making it a great fit for someone on the go. Its backlight also makes it easy to use when traveling overnight on planes and trains. While you can measure your blood glucose using the machine alone, this meter also connects to the mySugr app for downloadable readings and detecting patterns in blood sugars over time. 

While testing, we had some issues with the lancet design. The indicator for when the lancet was inserted didn’t work quite as expected, and figuring out how to eject it was a slight challenge. While everyone’s experience could be different, this is something to consider if you have difficulties poking your fingertips.

Result Speed: 5 seconds | Storage Capacity: 1,000 readings | Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, ketone kit, 50 testing strips, 50 ketone strips, 100 lancets, control solution

This meter’s audio guidance makes it a perfect fit for seniors and other folks who have vision limitations. Not only does it provide narrated instructions for use, but it also announces your blood sugar readings. Plus, the meter features a display with large, backlit text and numerals. 

Storing up to 1,000 blood sugar readings, you can keep your testing results for months to come. We also love that it offers a seven-day average feature so that you can check progress on the whole week over week. 

This model is heavier and bulkier than other options on the market, making it well-suited to folks who will be using it at home but less ideal for those who travel often.

Result Speed: 6 seconds | Storage Capacity: Unlimited| Included in Kit: 1 glucometer, 25 testing strips, 10 lancets, 10 disposable phone covers

If you’re looking for a higher-tech blood sugar monitor that connects to your phone via an app, this one might be the right fit for you. With a user-friendly interface, you will receive a timely display of your blood sugar on your smartphone screen. Thanks to its app connectivity, this glucometer’s lancet and meter are contained in one device, making it super portable. While its portable format means this device doesn’t have a screen or audio announcement of your blood sugar readings, it’s great for folks who are a bit more tech-minded and want to see more in-depth insights into their blood sugar patterns, track their weight, and receive insights and reminders via an app.

If learning new technology is not your thing this meter might not be for you. Its setup process is more complicated than competitors’ and readings are only available in the app, so it might not be a good fit for seniors or those with vision limitations.

We will continue testing and reevaluating products as new and improved models come onto the market. When testing the best blood glucose meters, we had two best overalls: Diathrive and Prodigy. We loved both of these meters for a variety of reasons: ease of use, simple setup, display, portability, and total value. However, the Prodigy sets itself apart because it offers an audio feature so that you can hear your blood sugar read out to you after testing.

To find the best glucometers on the market, we tested 16 products in our lab. With the supervision and help of an onsite nurse, our editors checked each glucometer against a control solution then, once it was confirmed that the meter was functional, tested their own blood sugar. A stopwatch was used to see how long the results took to come in from the time we used the strip to when the blood sugar showed up on the meter. We then rated each product based on the following criteria: 

Depending on the recommendation from your doctor, you might need to test your blood sugar just once a day up to before and after every meal or snack.

Follow these steps, according to the American Diabetes Association:

To learn more, check out our guide, How to Use a Glucometer

To test blood glucose, there are two main types of devices used: basic blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Basic blood glucose meters require a blood sample (usually a finger prick) each time you test. A typical meter is a handheld device with a test strip that reacts with the blood sample and reads the glucose level. Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) can check your blood sugar automatically every few minutes and transmit the reading wirelessly to a monitor, smartphone, or tablet. Rather than repeated blood draws, a CGM uses a tiny sensor inserted under the skin.

The specific level of blood glucose that's considered ideal for you depends on many factors including your age, how long you have had diabetes, medications you take, and any other medical conditions you may have. That said, the American Diabetes Association suggests that before a meal, a normal reading should be between 80 and 130 mg/dL, and 1 to 2 hours after the beginning of the meal, a normal reading should be less than 180 mg/dL for non-pregnant adults who currently have diabetes. Note that the targets are different for folks without diabetes or who have been diagnosed with prediabetes.

Most glucometers come with control solutions to compare for accuracy. Alternatively, take it with you when you have a lab glucose test and check your blood immediately after. For the best results, ask the lab to process your blood sample within 30 minutes.

Caroline Thomason has been in the field of health and wellness for more than 12 years. As a dietitian and diabetes educator, she has real world experience with blood sugar meters and the people who use them. For this tested round up, she relied on her own experience as well as discussing the pros and cons of these products with diabetes experts.

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The 8 Best Glucometers of 2024

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