American Packaging Corporation Announces ISCC PLUS Certification

Five APC Centers of Excellence Receive Certification

COLUMBUS, Wis. , Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- American Packaging Corporation (APC), a leader in flexible packaging solutions, announces five APC Centers of Excellence achieved International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS. APC's Columbus, Wisconsin , Deforest, Wisconsin , Story City, Iowa , Chili, New York and Rochester, New York plants all achieved the certification, allowing APC to source and convert advanced recycled resins and films, often called circular content. These circular content resins and films are used to manufacture packaging products requiring recycled content and tracks the usage through a mass-balance accounting process, a methodology that looks at all inputs and outputs of a particular process. ISCC PLUS certification plays a crucial role in the development of the circular economy by ensuring the traceability of advanced recycled plastics along the entire supply chain in compliance with the ISCC PLUS standards. Poly Bags

American Packaging Corporation Announces ISCC PLUS Certification

Unlike traditional mechanically recycled content, the advanced recycled process converts materials to the molecular level, offering a feedstock that can be used to produce new plastic materials with properties equal to virgin plastic. The result is eco-friendly materials that are highly sought-after by environmentally conscious consumers. This certification provides an additional and complementary option to mechanically recycled materials for those customers wishing to utilize recycled content.

Ray Graham , president of APC, said, "As part of APC's journey of corporate sustainability and environmental stewardship, American Packaging continues to reconfirm its commitment to end-to-end supply chain excellence and advancing sustainable packaging technologies. This is another major milestone to protect and enhance our world community, for every company and every human being. APC continues to step up to that responsibility, elevating our efforts each and every year."

Jeff Travis , manager of innovation and sustainability, added, "The certification of our manufacturing plants to the ISCC PLUS standard is a significant achievement as we work with our customers to pursue viable sustainable alternatives, including recycled content that supports optimal manufacturability and product performance while offering the benefits such as reducing virgin plastic use, enhancing circularity, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions."

APC's award-winning RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging technologies has proven commercial success, supporting multiple brands' sustainability initiatives, and now with ISCC PLUS, will expand with new packaging technologies containing circular-content resins and films suitable for the most demanding applications. For more information about American Packaging's RE™ portfolio of sustainable packaging, which includes recycle-ready, PCR content, compostable, and renewable content packaging options, please visit:

Founded in 1902, American Packaging Corporation is a recognized leader in the flexible packaging industry. Family-owned, APC distinguishes itself by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities, delivering packaging innovation, promoting sustainable products and practices, and focusing customer delight. Today, APC operates six Centers of Excellence in the United States and employs approximately 1,300 talented, motivated professionals. For more information, please visit

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American Packaging Corporation Announces ISCC PLUS Certification

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