The Best Microfiber Cloth Is Great for Glassware, Glasses, Screens, and More | Epicurious

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The Best Microfiber Cloth Is Great for Glassware, Glasses, Screens, and More | Epicurious

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Welcome to Clean Enough, a new kind of cleaning column for busy home cooks who have better things to do than scrub and sanitize around the clock. Every other week, neurodivergent writer and mom Emily Farris shares tips, tools, and products that can help you stay on top of the dirtiest spots in the kitchen while also dispelling a few cleaning myths and cutting down on clutter. 

My desire for impeccably spotless glassware started out reasonably enough. My city has fairly hard water so I always kept the dishwasher full of rinse aid. When I had the time, I’d also give clear glasses an extra wipe down with a lint-free kitchen towel before putting them on the shelf.

But my mild intolerance for spots and streaks morphed into a full-blown hyperfixation about a decade ago when I started photographing wine and cocktails. I quickly learned that even when a drinking glass looks perfectly clean to the naked eye, the camera will pick up the slightest imperfection and then magnify it, like, 10 times on the screen. I did my best to get the glasses truly picture-perfect, but I usually had to edit out tiny imperfections after the fact.

Then, in late 2020, I realized I was probably going to spend the rest of my life at my desk, so I ordered a fancy external computer monitor with a high-resolution display. And because I absolutely cannot focus on my work if there’s a fingerprint or smudge on my screen, I started searching for the best screen cleaning cloth available online.

I eventually settled on a six-pack of Mr. Siga Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloths. They didn’t look like typical microfiber—they were woven, not shaggy—and they weren’t specifically marketed as screen cleaners, but reviewers loved them for that purpose and I hoped I would too. Plus, I figured if they weren’t great for my screen, I’d find other uses for them.

Mr. Siga Ultra Fine Microfiber Cloths for Glass, Pack of 6

The best microfiber cloth for glass. 

Well, they were great for polishing my screen, and within a week I was using them for even more: windows, mirrors, and even my eyeglasses. I had finally found the best microfiber cloth for glass.

A glass I polished to perfection with my Mr. Siga cloth in 2020.

The next time I had to take a picture of a drink, I washed and dried the glass as usual, then polished it with one of my fancy new microfiber cloths. When I held the glass up to the light, I saw nothing—no speck, no smudge, no streak. My Mr. Siga cloths quickly became a necessary part of my photoshoots; I even used them to handle clean glassware so as not to leave fingerprints.

As I started to slowly reenter the world after lockdown, I became a polishing cloth evangelist. When I ran into friends and noticed their eyeglasses were dirty, I’d bust out my blue cloth and hand it over. Every single bespectacled person who tried it wanted the link so they could buy their own.

Recently, while wandering through Target, I spotted (through my spotless lenses) something that looked nearly identical to my Mr. Siga cloth, packaged with shaggier gray microfiber. I bought a set for comparison’s sake, and other than their tags and the fact that my old cloth was much more broken in, there’s no discernible difference between the two.

Both are 84% polyester and 16% nylon, and both leave my glassware and my eyeglasses completely streak-free. (The shaggy gray cloths that come with the Target brand are much more plush than the cheap version I usually buy on Amazon too.)

My 3-year-old Mr. Siga microfiber polishing cloth with my new Made by Design polishing cloth.

I don’t do much photography these days, but I still wear glasses, so I always carry a blue polishing cloth with me everywhere I go. They’re stashed all over my house, too, including the two I keep at my desk.

Beyond erasing spots and streaks from glassware and screens, these microfiber cloths are the easiest way to get streak-free stainless-steel appliances (with the help of a little spray cleaner). And while I don’t recommend replacing all of your microfiber with these—the cheap stuff is a great way to clean up spills and messes—they’re perfect for a fingerprint-free finishing touch.

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The Best Microfiber Cloth Is Great for Glassware, Glasses, Screens, and More | Epicurious

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