Reviewed: Patrick Ta Creme & Powder Duo | Who What Wear

Welcome to Internet Famous, a monthly series in which we ask our Instagram followers to vote on a viral beauty product that's taken social media by storm. Then the beauty team will take the winning pick for a spin and share their reviews—pictures included.

Can I humble brag for a second? Ever since I started working at Who What Wear, my co-workers have called me "the queen of blush" (their words, not mine). You can pretty much spot my blush in the darkest rooms, from the farthest distances, and on almost any occasion. It's by far the most complimented part of my makeup, garnering comments from strangers online and in real life. I can never receive too many compliments, so I'll try just about any blush out there to see what it can do for me. Even the most pigmented formulas don't intimidate me—give me all the hot pinks, bright reds, and peaches that pack a punch. Patrick Ta's Major Headlines Crème and Powder Blush Duo ($36) is known for its highly pigmented formula and gorgeous range of shades, so imagine my excitement when it won the Internet Famous poll on Instagram Stories this month. Beauty Device

Reviewed: Patrick Ta Creme & Powder Duo | Who What Wear

This blush duo took social media by storm when Patrick Ta applied it on a client in what looked like a reversed method. Rather than applying the crème blush first and then setting it with the powder, Ta did the opposite and left TikTok commenters in a state of shock. Ta recommends applying the powder to the apples of your cheeks with a brush and then using a sponge to apply the crème to bring the skin back to life. "When you layer two textures together, it's going to allow your blush to last that much longer, and you're not going to have to retouch as much," Ta explained in a TikTok tutorial. Available in 11 bold shades and created for every single skin tone, this blush boasts rave reviews (4.7 stars, to be exact), and our beauty team couldn't stand by and watch without giving our input. We put this method and compact to the test below, and the reviews are nearly unanimous.

"I never thought I'd try a blush more pigmented than the Rare Beauty blush, but I stand corrected. The first time I put this blush on, I had to take it off and start over because I was giving clown. Even after reapplying with a light hand, I still had to put foundation around the edges to soften it. The color, however, is very pretty—it's such a good neutral pink. I also couldn't believe how well the powder melted into my skin—it's unlike any powder formula I've used. I'm a powder-blush hater, but this one might have converted me. Ta's method of layering the crème blush overtop was incredible. (I was skeptical at first.) Overall, this blush surprised me, and that' s hard to do!" — Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor

"The color of this blush is incredible. Truly, it's one of my favorite shades of blush ever . The vibrant, paint-like pigment flattered my skin tone and made my blue eyes pop. That said, both the powder and crème formulas are highly pigmented. Because of that, they can be difficult to work with if you like a natural-looking flush (especially when you're using them together). I recommend using a lighter hand than you normally do when applying blush. Otherwise, you might have to do what I did, which was apply a thin layer of concealer over the top to tone it down. Insane color pay-off aside, the stunning shade of this blush just might make it my new go-to." — Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor

"As much as I love blush, I'm not the biggest fan of powder blush. It often leaves a matte effect, but I love to glow all year round, so I always opt for cream or liquid formulas. This is why Patrick Ta's method is perfect for me. I applied the powder first followed by the crème and felt super dewy and sun-kissed. The formula is highly pigmented, which I'm used to as a dark-skinned person, so I knew exactly how much to apply. It sits on the skin beautifully and works so well as an eye shadow, too. I love that this duo can be worn separately depending on the vibe I'm feeling that day." — Aniyah Morinia, Editor

"Patrick Ta's makeup line is known for its elite formulas and swoon-worthy packaging, so I was beyond excited to try this new blush. Ta recommends applying the powder first for a bold, highly pigmented base and then applying the crème on top for a dewy, lit-from-within glow. Boy, I am in love with this blush and application method. It's genius, and I don't know if I can wear blush any other way now. I got a ton of compliments when I wore it. I officially want it in every single shade." — Emma Walsh, Associate Beauty Editor

"My biggest struggle with makeup has always been longevity. I love to wear my-skin-but-better products, but more often than not, they don't last as long as I need them to. I applied this blush at 8:30 a.m., and at 4:30 p.m., it was still intact. Layering the crème over the powder is a game changer. Also, I was worried the rich berry shade would be too deep for my fair skin, but I love the wash of color it gives." — Natalie Gray Herder, Editor

"I'm wary of trying new blushes because I'm almost always unsatisfied with the results—not because I don't like blush but because I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I struggle to find shades I like. I actually loved wearing this blush in the shade Oh She' s Different—it's easily the most beautiful deep plum I've come across. But I was still hesitant to try Ta's viral application method. I could feel in my bones that applying the powder first and following it with the crème would be too much for me! While it did give me a lit-from-within glow, it was too pigmented for me. The formula is great and easy to blend, but I think, going forward, it's going to be an either-or situation." — Caitie Schlisserman, Group E xecutive Director, Branded Content and Beauty

"I've always felt like my deep skin tone looks best with berry, pink, and red shades of blush because they work wonders for my undertones. So when I had the opportunity to test the Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo in Do We Know Her, I felt a little hesitant. (After all, it's such an eye-catching, pigmented peach shade!) I'm happy to report that I ended up liking the formula. I followed Ta's method of applying the powder first and then the crème, and the result was an ultra-glowy and golden finish. While I believe I'll still stick with my tried and true blush shades in the future, it will be nice to have this one on deck when I'm in the mood for a splash of color." — Maya Thomas, Assistant Beauty Editor

Reviewed: Patrick Ta Creme & Powder Duo | Who What Wear

Skin Cream Packaging "Okay—I am genuinely, deeply impressed. I'll admit that I was nervous to try this blush duo because of how pigmented it is, but I think that if you find the right shade, you'll fall head over heels in love like I did. (The shade She's That Girl is so pretty.) I followed Ta's technique (again, I was slightly nervous but decided to trust the process) and then went over everything with a clean, damp beauty blender to diffuse the blush. The result looked pigmented yet soft. I really do feel like "that girl" when I wear this. It took my makeup to the next level!" — Emma Hughes, Social Media Editor