World's first compound needle circular knitting machine

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Vanguard Pailung introduces a 20% more productive high speed single jersey machine which has a 25% smaller footprint. Linen Look Cotton Fabric


Billy Hunter  |  Milan

Monroe, North Carolina based Vanguard Pailung, a leading manufacturer of high-speed circular knitting machines, has launched a single jersey machine fitted with compound needles which offers knitters greater productivity. Although other machine builders have developed compound needle circular machines, the Vanguard Pailung V4SJ1-25CN-l is thought to be the first commercially available model.

Head of R&D at Vanguard Pailung Bill Wilson told Knitting Industry at the recent ITMA 2023 exhibition in Milan, that the new V4SJ1-25CN-l single jersey machine is 20% more productive than the company’s equivalent latch needle model.

Wilson said that the machine had been redesigned from the ground up with a split gate, and square frame with integrated electronics, and with a 25% smaller footprint. The machine’s yarn feeders even sit within the reduced square footprint.

Compound needles have long been employed in knitting technology to reduce the needle stroke of the knitting needle and thereby increase machine speed. Karl Mayer for example employs compound needles on its tricot and Raschel knitting machines, manufacturing the world’s fastest warp knitting machines. Shima Seiki introduced compound needles for its coarse gauge flat knitting machines decades ago and now employs them on its ultra-fine gauge 4 needle bed complete garment knitting machines.

Vanguard’s Bill Wilson said the technology will ultimately enable the company to introduce high speed machines with more feeds per inch, to uplift productivity. He also hinted that there were a lot more innovations coming along from the Taiwanese owned American company.

The 22-inch diameter gauge 22E V4SJ1-25CN-l machine on show was knitting a cotton yarn cotton (NE 20/1 Cotton 100% CPRS) and has a maximum speed factor of 2200. Needles and sinkers are from Groz-Beckert. The machine has an Industrial Frame which can accommodate a 900mm roll diameter.

Vanguard Pailung has been manufacturing precision, quality and innovative custom designed knitting machines in the USA since 1916. Combined with a full line of knitting machines, the company also provides OEM parts, expert technical service and fabric design consultation throughout North America, Mexico, Central America and South America. Fabric scope includes, but is not limited to, T-shirts, Fleece wear, sportswear, casual wear, industrial fabrics, medical fabrics and packaging fabrics.

In 2009, Pailung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. acquired the historic Vanguard Supreme Machinery Company, thus forming Vanguard Pailung. With over 100 years of experience in the knitting industry, the company’s objective has never changed, the commitment to excellence.

“Throughout our long history, we have always pushed to provide a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Our dedication to excellence is proven everyday through teamwork, drive and the work ethic our employees exhibit as they strive for precision,” the company says.

“As the only remaining creator of large diameter circular knitting machines in North America, our highly skilled engineering team has continued to invest time and research in perfecting and modernizing our knitting technology. With offices located in Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil, we have established the largest presence of any machine manufacturer in the western hemisphere. Working alongside our partners Pailung, we have representatives throughout the world.”

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