The EEA Financial Mechanism for the period 2009-20014

Application geothermal energy for preparing warm functional water and coolant for ventilation to air handling units at the Hospital "PRO-MEDICA" in Ełk


Why is the project needed?

  • NECESSITY to lower the power consumption and hence of both running costs of the hospital without decreasing of patient standard treatment and the staff serving them

What is the objective of the project?

  • First of all it will increase energy efficiency of the building of the hospital, reduce emissions of air pollution, satisfying the needs of the hospital into air conditioning cold. Applying heat pumps and thermomodernization will increase the financial effectiveness of the hospital too.

What is the project expected to achieve?

  • Project assumes exchange or modernization of window frames in the amount of 199 pieces. Modernizing internal installations (warm functional water, central heating), installing heat pumps, perform the Installation for geothermal energy use and exchange of the lighting on energy-efficient lighting.

How will the project address these challenges?

  • The modernization works will run rationally in use of raw material and building materials at minimizing waste incurred. All work will be supervised and managed by professional staff and contractors will be selected by public tender.

Who is expected to benefit?

  • Hospital PRO-MEDICA" in Ełk, patients and the local community